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 Server Update Feb 28th 2012

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Server Update Feb 28th 2012 Empty
PostSubject: Server Update Feb 28th 2012   Server Update Feb 28th 2012 I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 28, 2012 12:51 pm


The cleric spells table has been re vamped for all levels

Cleric bots now have group heals from level 39 onwards, added to there spell tables this should help with bot groups taking damage at the same time.

Complete healing has been removed and replaced with a faster casting heal for nearly the same ammount and the same mana cost.

Pleae let us know if players encounter any issues with the new changes.



Shissar Weapons drop rate has been increased from the Elite Temple Guardians
Strange Green Metal Now also drop from the skeletons in the basement cave area


Gemcrafter Lentos now sells augment of anger to help with bot tanking agro.


Vahalla Charm has aquired Heroic stats
Vahalla Wooden Figurine (augment) has aquired Heroic stats and now has the correct solvent needed to remove the augment

  • Augment of the Dark knight
  • Augment of Faith
  • Augment of the Beast
  • Augment of the Mistwalker
  • Augment of Rizlona
  • Augment of Wu
  • Augment of Battle
  • Augment of the Assassin
  • Have all been changed from weapon aug slot 4 to aug slot 4 and 8.

Spelling Corrections

Corrected the Welcome to Vahalla starting task stage Talk to Athiron
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Server Update Feb 28th 2012
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