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 Feb 20 2012 Release Content/Fixes

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Feb 20 2012 Release Content/Fixes Empty
PostSubject: Feb 20 2012 Release Content/Fixes   Feb 20 2012 Release Content/Fixes I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 12, 2012 6:42 pm

Patch Notes for Feb 20 2012 Update.
Note: Some items may have been introduced to live prior to Scheduled Down Time.

Database Patches/Fixes:
  • Major DB Overhaul to bring current with patches.
  • Bot Pets Zoning Bug Fix.
  • Further Improvements to Bot Healing.

  • Lower Guk and Befallen have been returned to normal leveling zones. Instanced versions of the raid zones have been added.
  • Guild Lobby Hub overhaul. Introduction of new NPCs. Functionality of some existing NPC has changed with alignment of new NPCs.
    • New starting gear vendors at no monetary cost.
    • Relocation of melee aug vendor for ease of use. Introduction of caster aug vendor.
    • Option to change PoP Progression Charm into Aug to enhance Server Charm.
    • Epic Quests & Alt. Time Access Quest moved to new NPCs allowing the High Priest of Luclin to resume him day job of soulbinder.


Feb 20 2012 Release Content/Fixes Spore10
  • Progressive Charm Quest for Levels 10 to 70+ - Visit Sporine in the Lobby for details.
  • Introduction of Low Level Armor Quests. Look for the party of goblins in the Guild Lobby.
    • Tasks are repeatable and you can complete any armor type. Great for helping gear bots!
  • Establishment of the Norrathian Technical Institute. For all your tradeskilling needs.
    • New Tradeskill Vendors & Mini-Quests to help with hard to obtain tradeskill items such as foraged goods, imbued gems & enchanted metals.
  • Welcome to Server Task for all new characters with starting gear rewards for non-vendor armor slots.
  • Master Tinkerer Gilfloo and his amazing Supermegafluxerator. Master of Augment...


  • Removed various DD spells burning the beastlords mana bar (the beastlord bot should now be casting slows again)
  • Removed Spell Panoply of Vie (this spell was previously being cast too often, burning too much mana)
  • Removed Spell Rune of Rikkukin (this spell was previously being cast too often, burning too much mana)
  • Removed healing Hots (to prevent bots not healing with direct heals)
  • Removed Fear line of spells to make bot more friendly to indoor grouping.
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Feb 20 2012 Release Content/Fixes
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