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 Few Bugs i found so far....

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Few Bugs i found so far.... Empty
PostSubject: Few Bugs i found so far....   Few Bugs i found so far.... I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2012 3:41 am

Heya i found some bugs and want to share it.

Sometimes the Boss spawns attacks mobs of the same faction when they are in agro range.
Good example for this is: Prophet in CB or Lord Dargish.
This isnt normaly a problem when the boss kills the mobs arround him but...
When i zoned into chardok yesterday trying to go for the overking for charm r3 he was up.
So i run down to him to his room where he normaly spawns and he wasnt up or on track.
This happend 2 times in a row on the 3rd attempt when i run to him i see him up but not in his room.
He was beyond the wall and was attack by the mobs behind his room and also the mobs inside his room.
After he killed the agro mobs he was going back to his spawnpoint but with just 20% of heal.
I got the kill flag when i killed him at 20% but i think for people they need to fight the whole way down will never see him
up because he will get killed during this time by the other npc's arround.

Ofcourse there is a general problem with named mobs and trash mobs close to agro range.

Bot Pet's
Sometimes the hp of the pet of a bot decrease the whole time.
This ends up in a healing loop of the bots who can heal.

Shaman/Cleric Bot.
Shaman Pet loosing hp the whole time and the Cleric and Shaman start healing the pet up in a loop.
So both bots ends up in a healing loop since the pet is loosing hp the whole time.
Since bots like shaman/shd doesnt have pet recast commands like mages the only solution i found is to spawn just
the shaman bot with his pet and send him to fight high level mob that kills the shaman or his pet.

The main problem with this is when this happend during encounters and instead of getting healed by a bot he focus on healing
the pet.
This ends up in getting a heal to late and getting killed for example in an raid encounter or hard boss fights.

ps: dont fool my english its not native Razz


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Few Bugs i found so far....
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