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 Velious war has been released

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Velious war has been released Empty
PostSubject: Velious war has been released   Velious war has been released I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 11:15 pm

A dark plague unleashed by a Frost Giant Necromancer has wiped out all of Icewell and slain Dain Frostreaver the IV. The giants and dragons are seeing the weakened Coldain situation as an opportunity to wipe them out once and for all. See out the Coldain Princess near Icewell to aid her and Coldain army in defending Thurgadin. After the initial liberating of Icewell you will find 30 quests in place. One set for defending Thurg, 1 for waging war on dragons and another for war on giants. Over 140 custom items have been added. Initial content is for 50-60 for tier 1-5 quests and quickly moves to 70 and 70 raid (several groups) content for tier 8-10. The ebon crystal merchant is in but not itemized. He will have items needed for epic 3s once I figure out how I want to handle implementing them. They wont be easy to get.

I rarely play casters and havent liked them much but in this expansion I attempted to give them some real unique and useful items in an effort to balance them with melee characters. Bots wont be able to take advantage of the items since they are clicks.

Enjoy the war.

P.S. Bugs will be uncovered let me know so I can fix them and be patient please.
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Velious war has been released
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