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 July, 28 - Bugfixing and balance adjustments. Steppes information.

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PostSubject: July, 28 - Bugfixing and balance adjustments. Steppes information.   Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:25 am

Changes with the latest Restart.
- A bug with the Charm not raising in strength when the first target hasn't been killed was fixed.
- The Qinimi event for the Breakdown questline has ben made bot friendlier. You do not need a Raid to start the event anymore. Once the Event started other participants that want to join it have to say 'ready' to Councilman Sislono Nislan.
- Spawntimes for most Dragons, Gods and other Raid Encounter have been drastically reduced.
- Cordagan Boulderfist in the Steppes has become weaker. Should be very well killable with 2-3 People now.
- Spawntimes for nameds in the Steppes have been slightly increased.
- Essence Emeralds are now sold in the Reagents Chest for 500 Platinum.
- The Fabled Lockjaw now drops 5 <Race> Parts per kill.
- Mission Board Tasks involving Locations have been fixed.
- Several bugs with the Tradeskill Tasks have been fixed.
- Several other smaller adjustments and fixes that aren't worth mentioning.

Some information that wasn't posted with the Revamp release to the Steppes.
- There are 7 different Nameds, 2 Mini-Bosses and 1 Raid Encounter.
- The Raid Encounter, Wilped the Mad, will appear if enough Monster have been killed in the Steppes. If his weaker Versions are killed this count will reset however.
- The Named Bear and Spider aren't triggered like live. They have simple PH's in their Caves.
- To start the progression Task for the Steppes and beyond you have to talk to Thomans Scarfell in the Guildlobby.
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July, 28 - Bugfixing and balance adjustments. Steppes information.
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