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 July, 22 - Small update, Heirloom Quest

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July, 22 - Small update, Heirloom Quest Empty
PostSubject: July, 22 - Small update, Heirloom Quest   July, 22 - Small update, Heirloom Quest I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2012 9:32 am

- Aiden Silverwing and his Quest to find the Trinkets of the Silverwings has appeared in the Guild Lobby.
To actually start the Task, you have to find a Silverwing Loop in Castle Mistmoore. The requiered items for the Quest drop where they droped live, but Noble's Causeway, they have been moved to Ferubi. Along the Quest items also the Augments that where introduced to the related Zones have been added to the Loottable. The result is about the same as live, however it is an Augment instead of a Charm scaling on your played time on the Server.

- Several Spawntimer have been adjusted. Elemental Planes and VT are now a 24 hour respawn. Everthing below is not higher then 12 hours, some are even lower.

- Crushbone: Roar of the Emperor Instance loot has been slightly increased in Power.

- Several other smaller fixes.
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July, 22 - Small update, Heirloom Quest
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