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 Server Revamp - whats new, what changed?

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PostSubject: Server Revamp - whats new, what changed?   Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:52 pm

We had to clean the Database, several bugs etc. just got worse and worse. While we did that we also overworked most of the old content.

# Changes :
- #bot botgroup, will no longer work. Never was intended to be working, now it doesnt.
- Lower Guk instance been rebalanced and got new loottabls. All nameds now can drop items, while most share the same loottable, King and Lord have their own with better loots. While entering the Zone you will now recieve a repeatable Task. There is now a Quest inside the instance to spawn a very strong froglok, which we call Zone Boss. He is not easy, bring a friend or two.
- Befallen, Ashengate have been removed. The Steppes are now open to level 70 players. It is the first zone to our custom progression. Talk to Thomas Scarefell to start it.
- The Welcome to Vahalla Quest has been changed accordingly to the other changes. You can't spawn bots until you do it.
- The Horsing around Task is now called "No more Walking!" - you will recieve it from Grish after the "PAth to Vahalla" Task.
- The Charm has been revamped completely, talk to the sleeping Sporali to get the new Task. Old charms have been replaced bya a powerful aug for the charm. Old charm progress isnt forgottem, it will be rewarded at some point very soon. You will now go from 1 big task to another, the targets changed a little. The charm will still get stronger with each kill you have done.
- The Tradeskill NPC's moved out of the Guildlobby into the Guildhall, take the LEFT door to go to their Headquarters. Several small changes to all of the npcs inside.
- The Tier 1 and Tier 2 Missions from the Mission Board have been all overworked, little to much. Rewards been overdone too. Also some of the Missions now have the chance to reward additional kind of items to the radiant crystals.

# New :
- The Steppes, as mentioned open to Level 70+ players. The difficulty is around tacvi+. About 7 Tasks 2 Raid Encounter and several nameds can be found in the Steppes.
- Tier 3 has been released for the Mission Board. Scaling by Rank from min. level 40 to level 65+ players. With tier 3 the first custom Zone for the Mission Board is introduced too. Look for "Crushbone: Roar of the Emperor" which is scaled something the line of ssra+.
- Expeditions are now live. Right now the Wayfarer will only go to Antonica. A Expedition takes around 1 hour, after that the men will need another 30 minute rest before the next can be started. Treasures they find can be bought from the same NPC. There are 3 different kinds of items: Common, Rare, Artifacts. The more you fund the expedition with, the better the results. Artifacts can only be found with a fund of at least 13000 pp for Antonica. The items are available for everyone.

# Bugfixing :
- Crashs related to using a key / flagging should be gone now.
- Recipies should be fixed for good.

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Server Revamp - whats new, what changed?
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