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 GoD progression bug

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GoD progression bug Empty
PostSubject: GoD progression bug   GoD progression bug I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2012 10:50 am

I have completed the first 2 trials with High Priest Diru, but the 3rd is bugged and I can't get any updates.

Sewers of Nihilia - Lair of the Trapped Ones requires you to find Alej Leraji (Level 60), who is trapped under a rock in the far northwest room of the zone.

Hail him and he will ask for his tools.... he doesn't and that's where the bug is.

If the script doesn't start with him asking for his tools you can't complete the task.

I have deleted the instance using the Sage in Barindu and restarted several times, but still get the same bug. What can I do?


Ok .. please forget everything after hello. Hailed Alej Leraji and he said... You have found all my reshaping tools. You receive a temp char flag. How weird is that?
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GoD progression bug
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