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 Crit rate for warrior and ranger (pre AAs)

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PostSubject: Crit rate for warrior and ranger (pre AAs)   Thu May 31, 2012 9:51 am

I have searched hi and low but haven't found this topic so here it goes, I have noticed that warriors and rangers do not crit naturally without crit AAs on Vahalla. I believe this is an oversight and needs to be corrected to properly represent each class. Obviously rangers are only supposed to naturally crit with a bow, but warriors should crit every so often starting at level 10. I'm sure you can find out the correct crit per level ratio for each class but I think it starts at 1% @lvl 10 and goes up .25% each level or something like that. Anyway, please see if you can rectify this Smile
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Crit rate for warrior and ranger (pre AAs)
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