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 April 8 2012 - A Dire Southern Wind

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April 8 2012 - A Dire Southern Wind Empty
PostSubject: April 8 2012 - A Dire Southern Wind   April 8 2012 - A Dire Southern Wind I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 10:12 am

Update notes for April 8 2012

Reports have been coming in from all over Velious, something dire is happening. Watcher Iceclaw has been sent by the various denizens of Velious to find recruits to investigate matters. You can find him in the Guild Lobby.

Server is now registered on EQ Emu site. You can see server status on the server listing on main page.

Boss Respawn Timers have been adjusted.

Many Gates of Discord Tradeskill and Progression Combines have had their recipes fixed.
(They were requiring multiple LORE components)

Server Charm Tasks should now properly recognize Fabled kills as well as regular mobs. Please let us know if you find any additional misbehaving Fabled Bosses.

Ashengate and Lower Guk Instance have had their loot tables revamped.
Resist Rates have been lower for spells in Befalled and Lower Guk Instances

New Armor quests have been added for all 3 main Velious factions.
New faction quests have been added.
More quests and tasks to be added on next several weeks.
New tradeskill recipes added for some tastey 'steaks'. Combine 1 Jug of Sauces with 1 Meat. Uses racial meats dropped from the 3 main Velious Factions.
New NPC 'camps' hidden all over the Velious Cities, containing quest givers, merchants, and the new armor quests.
Several residents of Thurgadin, Kael and Skyshirne have been spotted going to the gym and working out. They are now slightly more buff then they were before.
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April 8 2012 - A Dire Southern Wind
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