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 Requesting New Augs

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PostSubject: Requesting New Augs   Wed Mar 21, 2012 2:21 pm

I'd like to see if maybe we can get some higher end augs added in a future content update... Augs like Deep Crust Fire Geode, Jade of the Ether, Deepsky Stone, Faerie Hex Stone and the like.

The augs listed are merely examples and are no where near at the top of their perspective lists as being the best augs of their types in the database. You'll also note that all of the augs are items gained through expansions the Emu is years away from being at and are therefor unavailable short of being added as custom content. These augs, and others like it, could be added to the Lower Guk raid instance along with that zones current aug drop list.

This idea was sparked after having obtained a dozen or so augs from Lower Guk and noting that none of them, so far, are ideal for tanks.
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Requesting New Augs
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